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Converting Old Browning Model A-5s

Newer versions of this famous shotgun use roll pins instead of screws to hold certain action parts. Here’s how to convert early Auto-5s.

Glock Mods: An M1911 Man Branches Out

I’ve worked with the 1911 for many years, and sometimes that experience has been helpful with other pistols, such as the Browning Hi-Power, for example. Sometimes the differences between pistols are hard to spot, and other times we find similarities between handguns that at first seem very different. Another example: If you can work on the Savage 1910, you can work on the Astra 400, and you won’t be confused by the H&K P7M8. But the Glock? Ah, the Glock is an altogether different creature. Sometimes my 1911-based reasoning produces positive results with the Glock, and other times it does not. With the Glock so popular with law-enforcement and now proving itself in competition—winning the first top-class award at IPSC—we’re going to see more and more Glocks turned in for improvement. And at the very least, we should be familiar with the similarities and the differences between the Glock and “old Slabsides.”


Semi-Annual FBI Report Confirms Crime Down As Gun Sales Up

The FBI's semi-annual uniform crime data for the first half of 2013 confirms once again what the firearms community already knew, that violent crime has continued to decline while gun sales have continued to climb.

GunBroker.com Names January 2014's Best Selling Firearms

GunBroker.com has released its list of Top 5 best-selling firearms for January 2014, topped by Smith & Wesson's M&P semi-automatic pistol.

NAA Black Widow .22 Mag/.22 LR

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NAA Black Widow .22 Mag/.22 LR
We found the NAA guns to be quite well made, though we experienced significant gas escape with both cylinders in both guns.
From the 06-25-2007 Issue of Gun Tests

Model Name:NAA Black Widow .22 Mag/.22 LR
Manufacturer:North American Arms
Model Number:NAA Black Widow .22 Mag/.22 LR

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The grip on this pocketable gun was very comfortable. The workmanship, finish, and appearance were all excellent. The gun had visible sights and a decent trigger. Though we didn’t like the idea of no trigger guard, we never missed it in practice. After all, the gun can’t fire without the hammer being cocked, and you don’t cock it until you’re ready to shoot. We had no problems with the spur trigger. The next thing to strike us, after the good looks of the small gun, was its fine balance combined with its handy size. With an unloaded weight of 8.6 ounces, there would be few excuses for not being always armed if you owned this one. How well-armed you would be is another question entirely.

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Reader Comments

Showing the scale of this firearm in the detail photography of your Full Gun Report is most helpful...Consider getting us that kind of ergonomic information on a regular basis

I have both a Kahr PM9 and a S&W 340PD and though I often carry one of them in my pocket sometimes they are still to large and it's then my Black Widow or Kel-tec 32 that I find in my pocket. I hardly notice these two guns and the Black Widow is certainly the better made gun and has never failed me.

My daily carry is a P3AT, but when I want something smaller, my Black Widow is the ticket. I can load the first two holes with shotshells for snakes and such, with 3 CCI TNTs behind them for larger threats. .22 mag is enough to ruin the day of most predators, no matter how many feet they have.

I bought a Black Widow for my fiancee after helping her get her CC permit with an automatic. However, I found she didn't carry because her "purse is too small and I don't want to carry one of those big bags for a gun". She thinks is "cute" and carries it all the time. The Black Widow may not be a crime stopper but as someone once said "the .22 in your pocket is better than the .44 at home". By the way, I like the compact size also.

Three of us from my local gun shop ordered Black Widows with the added touch of personalized serial numbers (a service offered by NAA for a small fee). The workmanship is excellent and the grip is extremely comfortable for this small revolver, even when shooting .22 mag. You'll find me armed with either this, my S&W model 642, or Ruger LCP, all of which are for "close up" shooting and in that capacity all work very well.

I have the Pug in 22 mag and just ordered the Black Widow. Great little guns. Looking forward to using this site for reviews.

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