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I’ve worked with the 1911 for many years, and sometimes that experience has been helpful with other pistols, such as the Browning Hi-Power, for example. Sometimes the differences between pistols are hard to spot, and other times we find similarities between handguns that at first seem very different. Another example: If you can work on the Savage 1910, you can work on the Astra 400, and you won’t be confused by the H&K P7M8. But the Glock? Ah, the Glock is an altogether different creature. Sometimes my 1911-based reasoning produces positive results with the Glock, and other times it does not. With the Glock so popular with law-enforcement and now proving itself in competition—winning the first top-class award at IPSC—we’re going to see more and more Glocks turned in for improvement. And at the very least, we should be familiar with the similarities and the differences between the Glock and “old Slabsides.”


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Gun Tests Feb 2013 Preview: 243 Win. Bolt-Action Rifles Under $500

January 29, 2013

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(GunReports.com) — As Gun Tests shooters began evaluating production bolt-action rifles for the February 2013 issue, an interesting sideline emerged. One member of the magazine’s test team owns a bolt-action rifle built by Roger David of Sulphur, Louisiana (David’s Gunshop, 337-527-5089). Evaluated in our November 2004 issue, it turned out to be a super-accurate rifle. And why not, considering it was hand-built by a master gunsmith and utilized the finest components. But in the last year or two, the staff has seen accuracy results from inexpensive “assembly line” rifles that come close to the performance of most prized custom guns. Which led Gun Tests to two questions. First, how is that possible? The answer is computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining and new methods of computer-aided design.

The magazine’s second question was, if they were to choose a couple of these new bolt-action rifles that sell for less than $500, would the rifles really perform at a level of accuracy that just as few years ago would be much more costly in terms of time and money? To see if today’s rifle shooters really are being treated to superior accuracy at a bargain price, Gun Tests decided to test two synthetic-stocked rifles from Ruger and Mossberg in 243 Winchester. The test rifles were the $449 Ruger American and the $471 Mossberg 4X4. Both rifles are lightweight hunting models fitted with black synthetic stocks, matching blued barrels with recessed crowns, pre-mounted two-piece scope bases, sling attachments front and rear, rubber buttpads, and removable box magazines. Barrel lengths for the Ruger and Mossberg rifles were 22 inches and 24 inches, respectively.

To give the budget rifles the opportunity to excel, the magazine chose a little more scope than might be found on an everyday hunting rifle. The new Steiner Predator Xtreme model 5003 offered 4-16X variable power with a 50mm objective lens. Built on a 30mm tube, it measured 15 inches in length and weighed 22 ounces. Side parallax adjustment was calibrated from 50 yards to 500 yards to infinity. Click-adjustment value was ¼ MOA. We counted 240 total clicks of elevation and 200 clicks of windage from lock to lock. The Steiner Plex S1 is a second-focal-plane reticle that offers ballistic lines for holdover calibrated for most popular calibers and bullet weights. Stick-on reference charts are supplied. In addition, the hold-over lines were bordered by a series of cascading dots to the left and right to help compensate for wind. The dots are calibrated for a 10-mph wind value, according to the owner’s manual. The Steiner Predator Xtreme comes with a 30-year warranty.

After successfully mounting the Steiner on the Mossberg rifle, the staff couldn’t get the scope to stay seated atop the Ruger. The interior dimensions of the slots on the Mossberg’s scope mounts measured only 0.146 inches wide, but the two notches on the front base were larger, measuring only about 0.150 inches across. Whereas the mounts didn’t match, they still were able to provide a good enough fit for the thin, round cross bolts of our Leupold Rifleman rings. The Ruger’s cross-slots were uniform but wider, measuring about 0.156 inches across. Switching to a set of Warne Maxima rings (No. 215M), which utilize rectangular lugs for seating, solved the mounting problem.

To test, Gun Tests used Black Hills Gold 85-grain Barnes TSX, Winchester Super X 80-grain Pointed Soft Point, Black Hills Gold 62-grain Varmint Grenade, and 58-grain Hornady Varmint Express ammunition. Each rifle was tested for accuracy from a bench. Shooters fired at targets located 100 yards away.

To see how the rifles performed, subscribers click here

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Same deal. Can't get to the full story, so I want to at least see the comments.

it won't let me see the results. What seems to be the problem?

Seems as though GR wants you to subsribe David.

I get this newsletter every week, isn't that a subscription?

At least you get the newsletter every week, CT Dave. I used to always receive it, but for some reason, about a year ago, it no longer came into my inbox. Now, every few days I go the the GR website to see if there is anything new, and if there is, I read and comment. My Gun Tests Magazine subscription has been uninterrupted for several years, and it continues well into 2014. I'd guess it's like so many other things that we're seeing today, that just aren't as good as they used to be.

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