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Converting Old Browning Model A-5s

Newer versions of this famous shotgun use roll pins instead of screws to hold certain action parts. Here’s how to convert early Auto-5s.

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I’ve worked with the 1911 for many years, and sometimes that experience has been helpful with other pistols, such as the Browning Hi-Power, for example. Sometimes the differences between pistols are hard to spot, and other times we find similarities between handguns that at first seem very different. Another example: If you can work on the Savage 1910, you can work on the Astra 400, and you won’t be confused by the H&K P7M8. But the Glock? Ah, the Glock is an altogether different creature. Sometimes my 1911-based reasoning produces positive results with the Glock, and other times it does not. With the Glock so popular with law-enforcement and now proving itself in competition—winning the first top-class award at IPSC—we’re going to see more and more Glocks turned in for improvement. And at the very least, we should be familiar with the similarities and the differences between the Glock and “old Slabsides.”


Semi-Annual FBI Report Confirms Crime Down As Gun Sales Up

The FBI's semi-annual uniform crime data for the first half of 2013 confirms once again what the firearms community already knew, that violent crime has continued to decline while gun sales have continued to climb.

GunBroker.com Names January 2014's Best Selling Firearms

GunBroker.com has released its list of Top 5 best-selling firearms for January 2014, topped by Smith & Wesson's M&P semi-automatic pistol.

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Gun Tests Magazine Selects Howa Hogue Youth 2N1Combo No. HWR66204+ 243 Win. 2013 “Best in Class Rifle”

December 11, 2013

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(GunReports.com) — Gun Tests Magazine has named Howa’s Hogue Youth 2N1Combo rifle as the publication’s “Best in Class Rifle” for 2013.

Gun Tests Publisher Timothy H. Cole said, “At the range, our shooters found the Howa was a model of consistency, averaging 1-inch groups for all shots fired. Two ammo brands shot better than three-quarters of an inch.

“The ‘Best in Class’ winners show accuracy, reliability, tight fit and finish, are often handsome, and offer a lot of value for the dollar. Because we don’t accept advertising, consumers can trust these awards. We rate guns solely on their own merits.”

Every December, Gun Tests’ Editor Todd Woodard surveys the work of the magazine’s staff over the previous 12 months to select about a dozen Guns of the Year choices.

From those Guns of the Year, the staff chooses the magazine’s “Best in Class” winners based on the initial reviews of the products — Grade: A or Grade: A- ratings — plus additional owner experiences with the test guns and comments from the Gun Tests readership.

The exact test model was the Howa Hogue Youth 2N1Combo No. HWR66204+ 243 Win., $641, originally reviewed in the April 2013 issue.

Contributing Editor Roger Eckstine oversaw the original test. He said, “Both Winchester 80-grain soft points and Black Hills 58-grain rounds produced 0.7-inch groups, but the Black Hills rounds topped with the Hornady GMX bullets were more consistent.”

Woodard said, “Our test staff credited the Howa’s consistency to the trigger. Touted as a two-stage design, the actual sensation experienced by the shooter was much closer to being that of a very good single-action break.”

The 2N1Combo rifle joins a Charter Arms Pitbull 9mm Luger revolver, Kimber Pro Custom Defense Package (CDP) II, the Benelli Ultralight 10802 Semi-Auto 12 Gauge, a Liberty Custom Leather Savannah IWB Holster, and Black Hills’ 60-grain M223R4 223 Rem. jacketed soft-point round as the magazine’s “Best in Class” 2013 honorees.

Gun Tests is a subscription-supported monthly 32-page four-color magazine. It does not accept commercial advertising.

Click for more information on Gun Tests magazine.

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Reader Comments

I know that caliber .243 has a pretty religious following, but for my own use, I just could never reconcile myself to anything less than .30 caliber. I have owned rifles in 30-06, .308 Win, .300 Win Mag, 7.62x39, and 7.62x51R, and I have always found them quite satisfactory and adaptable to any shooting situation. 'Fact is, the only rifles I have that are not caliber .30 are my pieces chambered 5.56x45/.223, which I own because of the plethora of pieces and accessories that go with them. By-the-way, I also tend to keep my firearms, whether handguns, rifles, or shotguns, in military calibers so that I can usually figure on a consistent supply of ammunition.

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--Tim Cole
Publisher, GunReports.Com

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