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Model 11-87 Sportsman Synthetic Line Expands to Include Versatile Super Magnum and Specialty Camo Versions

May 7, 2008

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Model 11-87 Sportsman Synthetic Line Expands to Include Versatile Super Magnum and Specialty Camo Versions

Madison, NC – Remington expands Synthetic Line with four exciting new 12 gauge offerings for 2008 - the Model 11-87 Sportsman ShurShot FR CL (Fully Rifled Cantilever) and three Super Magnum versions - Model 11-87 Sportsman Super Mag; Model 11-87 Sportsman Super Mag ShurShot – Turkey; and Model 11-87 Sportsman Super Mag – Waterfowl.

Model 11-87 Sportsman ShurShot FR CL (Fully Rifled Cantilever)– Sighting in or shooting a slug gun makes most hunters cringe, but this ergonomically-designed, feature-packed 12-gauge autoloader significantly reduces recoil and delivers rifle-like accuracy. By combining the pistol-grip, thumbhole design of the new ShurShot ambidextrous stock with our innovative, recoil-reducing SuperCell Recoil Pad, the teeth-rattling punch of today’s high performance slugs is significantly lessened by absorbing the force of recoil over a longer period of time.

Add that to the recoil reduction provided by the soft-shooting, advanced gas operating system of the Model 11-87 and hunting with slugs no longer brings fear to your mind! Less recoil sensitivity equals better accuracy and this durable autoloader is designed to deliver performance as well. The ShurShot stock design provides for a solid, rock-steady grip and offers maneuverability if that trophy buck approaches from behind. Best of all, the stock is designed for right and left-handed shooters alike! Add an easy-handling, 23-inch fully rifled barrel with built-in cantilever scope mount; 3-pound competition-style spring on the trigger assembly; the advantage of concealment with Realtree Hardwoods HD camouflaged stock and fore-end and you may have found the ultimate slug gun. Non-reflective, black matte finish on exposed metalwork and convenient molded rear sling swivel stud and front magazine cap stud complete this package. Suggested retail price: $994.

Model 11-87 Sportsman Super Magnum – The reliable, smooth performance and durability of the Model 11-87 Sportsman Synthetic 12-gauge shotgun has made it a standout since its introduction.

Now this workhorse has become even more versatile with the introduction of the first Super Magnum version, capable of interchangeably handling 2 3/4, 3 or 3 1/2-inch shells and delivering long range, bone-crushing power. Don’t fear the recoil of those hard-hitting, magnum loads because this high performance shotgun features the revolutionary SuperCell Recoil Pad. Millions of advanced polymer SuperCells absorb more of the recoil force over a longer period of time and “felt recoil” is effectively lessened. Features on this soft-shooting autoloader include standard synthetic stock and fore-end with non-reflective matte black finish; solid steel receiver and hammerforged barrel with matching matte black finish; multi-purpose 28-inch vent rib Rem Choke barrel with Modified choke tube; and sling swivel studs. One shotgun truly can do it all. Suggested retail price: $846.

Model 11-87 Sportsman Super Mag ShurShot Turkey – Dedicated turkey hunters require specialized equipment and the cutting-edge design of this 12-gauge, 31/2-inch autoloader delivers. Set-up can be the key when you are turkey hunting and with the unique, ambidextrous design of our ShurShot stock, maneuverability and even switching to your off-hand is no longer an issue.

The ergonomic grip and comb design of this lightweight stock provide for rifle-like precision with perfect eye/sight-alignment and steady, pistol-grip control. Recoil is significantly reduced as well with the addition of the new Remington SuperCell Recoil Pad combined with the gas-compensated operating system of the Model 11-87. Low-light conditions, often associated with turkey hunting, are no issue as this version comes equipped with fiber-optic TRUGLO adjustable rifle sights atop the 23-inch barrel or you can simply add a scope with the convenience of a drilled and tapped receiver. Other performance-enhancing features include 3-pound competition-style spring on the trigger assembly for more rifle-like crispness and the versatility of our interchangeable Rem Choke system. Our new optimized Wingmaster HD Turkey Choke tube is included to provide maximum performance with these deadly, long-range non-toxic loads. Concealment is essential, so this turkey-slayer features full camo coverage with Realtree APG HD. Attachment of a sling, which comes included with this version, is made easy with molded rear sling swivel stud and front magazine cap stud. With this new offering of the 11-87 Sportsman, turkeys don’t stand a chance. Suggested retail price: $972.

Model 11-87 Sportsman Super Magnum Waterfowl – We haven’t forgotten the avid waterfowl hunter with this family of synthetic shotguns. This 12 gauge, 3 1/2-inch Super Magnum has been designed to perform regardless of where you are hunting – flooded timber, over decoys or reaching out for those long-range, passing shots. Versatility is the key; starting with the 28-inch vent rib Rem Choke barrel which comes supplied with three Extended Choke tubes optimized for our premium Wingmaster HD non-toxic loads - Flooded Timber (.002”); Over Decoys (.007”); and Pass Shooting (.009”). When their wings are cupped and they’re dropping in, you will be ready with the convenient, shell-holding SPEEDFEED I synthetic stock, which stores up to four additional 23/4-inch or two 3 or 31/2-inch shells easily at your reach.

And with patented Remington recoil pad, you won’t feel the punch of those hard-hitting, magnum loads. Target acquisition of that fast-moving teal or wood duck in low light is easy with the HiViz interchangeable sight system and full camo coverage with Mossy Oak Duck Blind won’t give away your location. Padded sling, which comes included with this version, is easily attached with integrated rear sling swivel stud and front magazine cap stud. If duck or goose hunting is your passion, this Model 11-87 is designed with you in mind. Suggested retail price: $972. Visit your local dealer or our web site at www.remington.com for a complete listing of Remington products.

Model 11-87 Sportsman ShurShot
Fully Rifled Cantilever
11-87 Sportsman
Super Magnum
11-87 Sportsman Super
Magnum Shurshot Turkey
11-87 Sportsman Super
Magnum Waterfowl
Gauge 12 (3-inch) 12 (3½-inch) 12 (3½-inch) 12 (3½-inch)
Mag. Capacity 4 4 (2¾ or 3-inch)
3 (3½-inch)
4 (2¾ or 3-inch)
3 (3½-inch)
4 (2¾ or 3-inch)
3 (3½-inch)
BBL Length 23 inches 28 inches 23 inches 28 inches
Barrel Type Fully Rifled Vent Rib
Rem Choke (Modified)
Rifle Sights
Rem Choke (Wingmaster HD)
Vent Rib
Rem Choke (3 waterfowl)
Sights Cantilever Scope Mount Twin Bead TRUGLO Rifle Sights HiViz Single Bead
Metal Finish Matte Black Matte Black Realtree APG HD Mossy Oak Duck Blind
Overall Length 43 inches 48 inches 43 inches 47¾ inches
Length of Pull 13¾ inches 14 inches 13¾ inches 13¾ inches
Drop (Comb) 1½ inches 1½ inches 1½ inches 1½ inches
Drop (Heel) 2 inches 1⅞ inches 2 inches 1⅞ inches
Stock Material Synthetic Synthetic Synthetic Synthetic
Stock Finish Realtree Hardwoods HD Matte Black Realtree APG HD Mossy Oak Duck Blind
Avg. Weight 8 lbs. 8¼ lbs. 7⅝ lbs. 8¼ lbs.
MSRP $994 $846 $972 $972

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