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Converting Old Browning Model A-5s

Newer versions of this famous shotgun use roll pins instead of screws to hold certain action parts. Here’s how to convert early Auto-5s.

Glock Mods: An M1911 Man Branches Out

I’ve worked with the 1911 for many years, and sometimes that experience has been helpful with other pistols, such as the Browning Hi-Power, for example. Sometimes the differences between pistols are hard to spot, and other times we find similarities between handguns that at first seem very different. Another example: If you can work on the Savage 1910, you can work on the Astra 400, and you won’t be confused by the H&K P7M8. But the Glock? Ah, the Glock is an altogether different creature. Sometimes my 1911-based reasoning produces positive results with the Glock, and other times it does not. With the Glock so popular with law-enforcement and now proving itself in competition—winning the first top-class award at IPSC—we’re going to see more and more Glocks turned in for improvement. And at the very least, we should be familiar with the similarities and the differences between the Glock and “old Slabsides.”


Semi-Annual FBI Report Confirms Crime Down As Gun Sales Up

The FBI's semi-annual uniform crime data for the first half of 2013 confirms once again what the firearms community already knew, that violent crime has continued to decline while gun sales have continued to climb.

GunBroker.com Names January 2014's Best Selling Firearms

GunBroker.com has released its list of Top 5 best-selling firearms for January 2014, topped by Smith & Wesson's M&P semi-automatic pistol.

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The scope also comes with precision digital windage and elevation adjustments and a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail quick release mount. The multipurpose ThOR-320 can also be converted into a compact handheld viewer by removing the mount and adding a hand-strap (included).

ATN introduces ThOR-320
Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight

December 5, 2011

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(GunReports.com) –- American Technologies Network has introduced the ATN ThOR-320, the smallest, most compact and lightweight in the ThOR series.

The ThOR-320 uses forward-looking infrared (FLIR) that detects heat to create the visible image. The ThOR-320 provides extremely clear images through total darkness, fog or smoke.

The ATN ThOR-320 is available in three different optical powers: 1x, 2x or 3x. The digital zoom option doubles the magnification. The ATN ThOR-320 thermal imaging sight employs digital controls and menu buttons that provide the user with a variety of aiming reticles and allow for the change in polarity and adjustment of image brightness of optimal image view.

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Reader Comments

Press releases like this would be much more interesting to me if they included the company's website and the price of the item being discussed.

ATNcorp.com MSRP of $6599

Thanks Jonnyonwheels. Sadly, at that price I have to leave it alone even if it comes with a rifle under it.

Yeah, I saw this in a recent issue of one of the many gun periodicals to which I subscribe. It is really a neat capability, but at the MSRP of $6599, I figure that I will not likely ever own one.

Colonel - I don't think we're the target market. I suspect this is strictly for guys who get their gear on 'the company dime'. I mean, it's half the price of a new car, or a down payment on a small house.

Agreed, david b. Back in the mid 1970s, as a test project officer at US Army Tropic Test Center in the Canal Zone, I had some experiences with some of the first generation prototypes of thermal imaging devices. While they were "stone age technology" by today's standards, they were still damned impressive.

And any time I see thermal imaging rifle glass these days, it is older generation stuff, and is still priced too rich for my blood.

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