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Florida concealed gun permits approach 1 million

July 31, 2012

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(GunReports.com) — The number of concealed weapons permits in Florida is nearing the one million mark, according to the Florida Department of Agriculture Consumer Services Division of Licensing, which monitors them.

So far, Florida recorded 952,415 active concealed weapons permits. Miami-Dade County had the most concealed licenses with 84,940; Broward County followed second at 74,439. On the low side was Lafayette County with 220, followed by Liberty County with 234. Glades had 352 of the permits.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, who operates the gun permit program, said his office is issuing between 10,000 and 15,000 permits every month, the story stated.

"At the rate at which we are processing permits, we will in the next six weeks to two months likely reach the one million mark of valid permits in activity," he said in a recorded statement. Putnam said Florida has seen increasing demand for gun permits in recent years.

"What was thought of to be a spike has really turned out to be a prolonged period of peak demand," he said.

About 6,955 gun permits were revoked out of 2.22 million issued since Oct. 1, 1987. Records showed 168 permits were revoked for gun-related crimes. Also 6,234 were revoked for other crimes after licensure.

Records showed 122 were revoked for other issues and 754 were reinstated since 1990, when reinstatement records began being recorded.

Of the 2,260,949 permit applications received, 2,227,360 licenses were issued. Records show that 15,500 were denied – 5,190 because of criminal history and 10,310 because the applications were incomplete.

Between 2011 and 2012 the department received 151,883 new application requests and 66,974 renewal applications.

Of those the department issued 148,548 new licenses and renewed 66,511 concealed weapons licenses.

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Does anybody find it perplexing that Florida's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services operates the handgun licensing program? In Texas, the program is operated by the Department of Public Safety (DPS, AKA State Police), and I assumed that other states would be similar. Because background checks appear to be common to the application process, it seems that law enforcement rather than agriculture would be most appropriately involved.

Just got my Florida CCW and Arizona CCW. My Utah application is pending. I live in California and CCW's here are close to impossible to get in populous counties. It's nice to know I can carry in other states.

The article didn't specify the split between resident permits and non-resident permits. Florida is a well known provider of non-resident permits to give the CCW holder more states for concealed carry, ZCHANNEL has spoken to this fact while holding 2 out of state permits and a 3rd in application, while appearing not to even hold a permit for Calif. "It's nice to know I can carry in other states" Knowing I can carry gives me the security I want when in my community. If one traveled really a lot I can see where having greater coverage could be a comfort.

My Texas CHL is valid in 30 states. 'Fact is, I don't travel that much anymore, but should the need or desire arise, I would travel only in those states that are friendly to my CHL. As for those that don't recognize a Texas CHL, I don't want to spend my money in such a state anyhow.

Ditto canovack

U R absolute right canovack, my Ohio permit gives me 30 additional states under reciprocity agreements between states. I plan my travel as well within those states that honor my permit. We would all be better if there was a national reciprocity law giving all citizens with a CCW Permit equal rights.

My Florida (resident) CCW permit is currently valid in 35 states now. Florida only recognizes permits from other states that in turn recognize Florida's permits. Seems only fair don't you think. I too thought it was strange that the Dept of Agriculture handled the permits, but you still need to deal with law enforcement for the fingerprinting and they send away to state law enforcement for your background checks.

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