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CT Man Arrested

CT Man Arrested for Legally Carrying a Firearm

April 28, 2010

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(GunReports.com) -- James Goldberg of Glastonbury, Conn., recently was arrested for carrying a firearm at his neighborhood Chili's restaurant, even though under the provisions of the Connecticut firearms-permit law, he was carrying legally.

Connecticut is one of 13 states that allow open carry with restrictions.

States that offer open carry without licenses or restrictions are Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, South Dakota, Vermont, Kentucky and Virginia.

While all states have their own variations of rules and regulations, Second Amendment advocates say the Goldberg case is a worrisome indicator.

Connecticut Citizens Defense League President Scott Wilson said that while the Chili's employees and police may have been well-intentioned, the greater issue was ignorance of the law. The police themselves were unaware of the law.

Read more here.

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Reader Comments

To fully arrest someone for breaking a law, wouldn't you need to enter some type of charge in the arrest forms? How can you carry-out your daily duties and not be aware of something as significant as firearms possession? The routine paperwork is quite a bit easier if you're accustomed to arresting felons with guns. No need to research the laws currently on the books.

This is the problem with the left inserting these restrictions into these carry laws. If you are licensed to carry you should be able to carry almost everywhere with very few exceptions (courthouse, airport for example). But all these other places are just ridiculous: schools, hospitals, churches, bar/restraunts. WTF!!!

I hope Mr. Goldberg sues the PD for false arrest and civil liberties infringement. Unfortunately, that may be the only way to end their ignorance.

I think people who openly carry like to make bold statements. Bold statements typically generate bold responses. I prefer to carry discreetly because none of us have enough oxygen in our lungs to reason fear out of the minds of these people. On a positive note, the bold draw attention, I would use them as a decoy so that I may increase my odds of survival. If you position yourself in a corner with the entrance on one side and the bold individual on the other, you end up with a perfect field of view.

The Chief of Police should be taken to task for not having his officers properly trained on firearms laws. It just might save an Officer's life somday!

Reading the story in the Hartford Courant, I get the impression that he did it ti "make a point". He also works for a local gun shop and is a "private security consultant for celebrities". You have to wonder if he was exercising his rights or trying to get his name in the limelight to get LL Cool J to call him as a bodyguard when he's in town.

"Recently"? Actually it was like 3 years ago. And it's in a very rich/white town in Connecticut and in a family restaraunt. Open carry in the north end of Hartford and the most anyone says is "yo what kinda gun you got". Breach of peace is a catch-all charge for making a public disturbance and hardly a "left inserted restriction".

My comment was in reference to restrictions in general and not just a snap shot of this occurrence. Restrictions on concealed carry, as I mentioned, are "left inserted".

This just shows that even if you elect to practice your inalienable rights you will be persecuted.Arrest would mean that his name will be entered in the database of gun owners in spite of the fact that some states don't require a permit for inalienable rights.Just goes to show concealed carry avoids the hasle- out of sight out of mind. http://religionpoliticsgunsmoney.blogspot.com

Does anybody know more details, like what type of firearm, did he have a pistol permit, etc?

if chills wants to restrict guns from their premises they need to post a sign to that effect

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